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Competition Banner 2008

This competition is now closed. You can see the winning entry here.

Competition Details

A competition was set up for Tarkan Deluxe readers to design a banner for it's sister site Tarkan Visual's homepage, to replace the front cover art designed exclusively for the photoblog by Mailyn.

The competition rules were as follows:

  1. The banner's dimensions should be 700x525 and its byte size under 500 kb.
  2. It should include an image of Tarkan from the Tarkan Visual archives or elsewhere.
  3. It should run a logo or interesting phrase. We provided "Take a closer look" and "For your eyes only" for entrants to use, although entrants could use one of their own.
  4. Putting Tarkan Visual's name on the banner was not compulsory, although the entrant's Internet signature on their work was required.
The rest was left to the entrant's imagination. No limits were imposed on colour, language or design and no restrictions placed on the entrant's age, sex or location.

Below are the 20 finalists, including the winner:

The 20 Finalists

Entries 1 - 4, winning entry Number 1

Entries 5 - 8

Entries 9 - 12

Entries 13 - 16

Entries 17 - 20

What did you think of the finalists? Which design is your favourite? Contact us and let us know what you think.

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