Tarkan Visual

A Tarkan photoblog, where pictures of Tarkan are donated from around the world and posted here for everyone to share. Click on pictures for larger version.

"Coming Soon" Teaser by Sertouch, 1 April 2009

"Coming Soon" Banner by Sertouch, 6 April 2009

Birthday Design by Sertouch (with video message), 17 October 2009

New Coming Soon Design by Ping (for 2010 May song), 11 May 2010

New 2010 Design by Ping (for 2010 summer album), 26 July 2010

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New 2010 Design by Ping, Test Transmission, 30 July 2010

New 2010 Design's flash intro, 7 August 2010

Front page with welcome message, 7 August 2010

Front page with new Instagram button, July 2014

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